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Fun, Simple, and Easy Outdoor Activities to Promote Speech

April showers bring May flowers… the old adage goes. As the sun shines after the rain, I feel myself longing for summer days. Who else is with me?! Even with beautiful weather it can be a challenge finding activities to keep kids occupied outside. So, here are nine simple but fun outdoor activities to promoteContinue reading “Fun, Simple, and Easy Outdoor Activities to Promote Speech”

Question and Answer- Cultivate Conversational Turn Taking Skills In Your Toddler

Do you ever feel like you are talking to a brick wall? As parents, we often feel like the things we tell our children go in one ear and out the other. “Look here, look at mommy!”  “What do you want to eat?”is something I said repetitively this weekend when talking with my daughter. WhatContinue reading “Question and Answer- Cultivate Conversational Turn Taking Skills In Your Toddler”

How Music Supports Early Language Acquisition

If you were a fly on the wall in my home, you would be listening to music all day long. As I clean dishes and do laundry I have spotify playing as background noise. My daughter dances along and asks for ‘more’ each time a song ends. The benefits of music go deeper than whatContinue reading “How Music Supports Early Language Acquisition”

The Story of My life

Wake up. Shower, Make breakfast. Pack lunches. Take my daughter to school. Go home, make dinner. After dinner I fold laundry, wipe down countertops, and jump on a zoom call to chat with friends. This is the story of my life… or at least, I think of it that way. From my eyes it seemsContinue reading “The Story of My life”

The Benefits of Parallel Play

Parents know their children best. Mommas, you know what toys your kids like to play with, what foods they eat, and what sends them into a tantrum. While we are armed with the knowledge of our children, activities to help their development may elude us. Whether it be lack of time, knowledge, or resources, parentsContinue reading “The Benefits of Parallel Play”

The Power of a Choice

At the ripe age of one, my daughter knows what she wants and when she wants it. When I ask my friends where she gets her strong willed personality they laugh! Like mother, like daughter. Children know what they want from a young age. When those desires go unmet or are not understood, many tearsContinue reading “The Power of a Choice”