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11 Apps to Practice Speech at Home

When it comes to practicing speech at home, you have to be creative. Technology has allowed for practicing speech therapy at home to be both easy and enjoyable! Check out these apps below that allow children to practice a variety of speech skills at home. 1. Early Words With Splingo $2.99– Targets Early Language Development LikeContinue reading “11 Apps to Practice Speech at Home”

Closing the Gap

As a school based clinician, I see children of all ages and abilities. On one end of the spectrum I have toddlers entering preschool. On the other side are middle school students preparing to enter high school. By far, the most challenging aspect of my job is telling parents that their child has a speechContinue reading “Closing the Gap”

Lets talk about Stuttering

Welcome back, friends! I hope you are all doing well and staying warm. This week has brought more snow to central New Jersey. I didn’t think it was possible, but here we are, inches deep in another snow storm. It has snowed more this winter than I can recall over many past winters. Luckily (orContinue reading “Lets talk about Stuttering”

Going beyond the Label

Welcome back, Mommas! My daughter is 19 months old tomorrow and I cannot believe how fast time has gone. Not only is she getting big, but her language is growing by leaps and bounds. The other day L pointed to the picture and said “fish!” I didn’t even know she knew what a fish was.Continue reading “Going beyond the Label”