The Benefits of Parallel Play

Parents know their children best. Mommas, you know what toys your kids like to play with, what foods they eat, and what sends them into a tantrum. While we are armed with the knowledge of our children, activities to help their development may elude us. Whether it be lack of time, knowledge, or resources, parentsContinue reading “The Benefits of Parallel Play”

The Power of a Choice

At the ripe age of one, my daughter knows what she wants and when she wants it. When I ask my friends where she gets her strong willed personality they laugh! Like mother, like daughter. Children know what they want from a young age. When those desires go unmet or are not understood, many tearsContinue reading “The Power of a Choice”

Early Intervention – Where to Start

Every child develops at a different pace. Some children seemingly speak from the moment they are born, others are late talkers. When you realize your child is behind, where do you go for help?  Each state has a system to provide help to children between the ages of 0-3 who are developmentally delayed. When yourContinue reading “Early Intervention – Where to Start”

Speech Milestones- The First 5 Years

As a Speech Therapist, I’m rehearsed in the early milestones babies and toddlers should be meeting. I have studied what typical childhood development looks like. But, when I became a mom, I dwelled on each little thing – and worried each month as my daughter got older. Is she on target? Is this normal? Shouldn’tContinue reading “Speech Milestones- The First 5 Years”