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Speech Development and Face Masks

Many countries throughout the world have created face mask mandates since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here in the US, many states have had or currently have face mask requirements for people over the age of two. Many children and adults have become accustomed to the practice of wearing a face mask over theContinue reading “Speech Development and Face Masks”

Read it and Believe it

On this blog, I talk about strategies to help kids overcome speech and language disorders. Discussion topics revolve around might hear at school as well as activities you can do at home. And this is great! However, it is also equally important to take time to hear from kids. What strategies work for them, whichContinue reading “Read it and Believe it”

The Dreaded /R/ Sound – How to Improve Articulation at Home

Let’s talk about articulation. Specifically, let’s talk about the /R/ sound. It’s the sound that clinicians dread. I receive the most parent inquiry’s about this sound by far.  It isn’t uncommon for a 5 or 6 year old to have /R/ sound errors – and SLP’s expect this sound to be developed( not produced inContinue reading “The Dreaded /R/ Sound – How to Improve Articulation at Home”

11 Apps to Practice Speech at Home

When it comes to practicing speech at home, you have to be creative. Technology has allowed for practicing speech therapy at home to be both easy and enjoyable! Check out these apps below that allow children to practice a variety of speech skills at home. 1. Early Words With Splingo $2.99– Targets Early Language Development LikeContinue reading “11 Apps to Practice Speech at Home”

Closing the Gap

As a school based clinician, I see children of all ages and abilities. On one end of the spectrum I have toddlers entering preschool. On the other side are middle school students preparing to enter high school. By far, the most challenging aspect of my job is telling parents that their child has a speechContinue reading “Closing the Gap”

Fun, Simple, and Easy Outdoor Activities to Promote Speech

April showers bring May flowers… the old adage goes. As the sun shines after the rain, I feel myself longing for summer days. Who else is with me?! Even with beautiful weather it can be a challenge finding activities to keep kids occupied outside. So, here are nine simple but fun outdoor activities to promoteContinue reading “Fun, Simple, and Easy Outdoor Activities to Promote Speech”

Too Much Screen Time?

Technology has rapidly advanced over the last 10 years. Cell Phones are better, televisions are bigger; screens permeate almost every area of life. Given the pandemic that overtook the year 2020, virtual schooling became the new ‘norm’. Some students have only received remote instruction for over a year, sitting in front of screens to completeContinue reading “Too Much Screen Time?”

Early Signs of Autism

The flowers are starting to pop up from beneath the mulch, birds are singing, and the days grow warmer each week. Nature is once again blossoming, bringing the promise of new life along with it.  lately I have been leaving the screen door open and peering out to watch daffodils spout in my front yard.Continue reading “Early Signs of Autism”

Question and Answer- Cultivate Conversational Turn Taking Skills In Your Toddler

Do you ever feel like you are talking to a brick wall? As parents, we often feel like the things we tell our children go in one ear and out the other. “Look here, look at mommy!”  “What do you want to eat?”is something I said repetitively this weekend when talking with my daughter. WhatContinue reading “Question and Answer- Cultivate Conversational Turn Taking Skills In Your Toddler”

Lets talk about Stuttering

Welcome back, friends! I hope you are all doing well and staying warm. This week has brought more snow to central New Jersey. I didn’t think it was possible, but here we are, inches deep in another snow storm. It has snowed more this winter than I can recall over many past winters. Luckily (orContinue reading “Lets talk about Stuttering”